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Book Translation Services in 150+ Languages

Espresso Translation provides book translation services in over 150 languages. The genre includes romantics, criminals, and the horror genre. ISO 9001:2000 certification of the quality translation services of translators.

Our Professional Book Translation Services

We are professional language experts, translating a foreign book into your preferred mother tongue. International markets with a global audience require multiple language translations from the best translators. The digital version of novels and series has a broader and wider audience worldwide. So, publishing a book in many countries requires professional book translation services. Schimpelsberger translation service offers natural-sounding translation service for international readers of,

Romantic Novel Book Translation

Billionaire, Mafia, Divorce, Revenge stories Book Translation

Science fiction and Alpha werewolf Book Translation

Non-fiction Book Translation

We know the most popular stories and subjects and ensure high-quality book translations for a target language.

Translating a book with Schimpelsberger Book Translation Service

Pricing (excels taxes) Source language is the language of the creative writing or submitted text. A target language is the language of translating a book that you will translate. Choose either English as your source and target language. For translators wishing to convert to languages other than English, please email bookbabe.com for a custom quote only.

Certified Translators around the world

Most accurate translations are required to impress readers. So, deciding unverified translators or online translation apps can cause a massive sales fall. Schimpelsberger translation service understands the value of online publication and its book translation services. We offer authentic and reader-friendly translation services for online book apps and publishers.

We know that even simple punctuation can drastically change the content, and we have a highly skilled team of qualified translation specialists.

Professional Book Translation Service

In addition, our job is to give your project your translation to a good translator. We understand that every aspect of the original must be able to communicate with the readers in the target’ native language, but to translate tone, there must also be much sensitivity and creativity.

Dual Quality Check Subject Matter

Throughout the process, the translation is checked by the native language translators and the editor/proofreader using an automated double-check system for accuracy, and the authors will take every detail seriously from end-to-end solution to ensure the slightest errors are not omitted. The cost will not increase if we repeat the word. Invest your time and money in high-quality products that meet your needs.

Translate and Publish

Expert authors will translate your work and prepare a ready publication in native languages in your chosen format.

How do I get my book translated?

How should i make sure I have my books translated by someone who speaks my local language? You can find the best translator for the subject of your book by searching for different translators with different specialties. You may want a more generalized translator if you have a fiction book. Still, if your book is a medical translation, you may want a specialist with extensive translation experience. Once you locate the right translator, you may request quotes on the translation and the translation. Then, things can go smoothly from now on.

How do you guarantee quality professional book translators?

We will ensure the exact details and consistency are the same throughout the translation process. The use of comprehensive glossaries ensures the consistency and coherence of our expert translators throughout their book and translation projects. Our native translators and editors have the experience to ensure your writing is as professional as possible.

Book Translation Services

Schimpelsberger Book Translation Services offers comprehensive translation services from translating and publishing to publishing. When you write your book in another language, you can print the book in your choice of language. It also includes academic textbooks. Schimpelsberger is free from any upfront costs and receives 15% off all royalty payments. Schimpelsberger book translation services company offers Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, German, Afrikaans, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Bangla, Filipino, etc., and more languages. The company, headquartered in London, offers a good portfolio of impressive testimonials.

Connect with global readers

You have now translated custom quotes from your novel into English and have access to readers from all over the around the world and the globe! Once you receive the quotation, upload it to our safe system.

Get More out of a Translation Service With These Tips

As you see below, several companies will translate your book for you. If you decide to make the correct choice, please consider the following things when making your decision. It would be best to logically analyze your profit projections when evaluating your book sales plan.

Can I translate a book and sell it?

It should be legally done if you want a book translated for new markets. Intellectual property theft can severely affect the international market, damage the author, and result in large penalties. You are responsible for ensuring you are legally entitled to buy book translations for new markets.

Freelance Translators: Final Thoughts & Tips

In general, looking for expert translators often requires much more research and communication. However, it may compensate for your savings compared to translation companies. Finding a reliable translator is also beneficial. When working with an interpreter, you develop a direct partnership. It could be even better when dealing with companies that cannot guarantee you the same translator for every project.

Masters, Arts, and Economics

Over 20 years of translation experience and proofreading, with specialties in comics and other gaming genres. Highly skilled at creating a captivating atmosphere and renowned for its complex plot twists characteristic of the genre. Give customers confidence by clearly explaining what is going on with you.

Proof Your Translation

Even if you write in non English language, you realize how vital proofreading is for addressing common lingual errors often forgotten during machine translation. These things are critical to working in a foreign language. Some translation services listed above offer proof and alterations in the cost of services. That’s good. I don’t need much worry. If you choose a freelance translator, hiring an independent person for proofreading is worth considering.

Do you translate books urgently?

We work to ensure translators deeply understand the subject, provide clear and accurate translations for communication with global audiences, and ensure the content translating a book does not look too bland or awkwardly translated. We provide dependable and professional book translation services that will bring the book to a wide audience as we provide translation.

Masters, International Business

Translator with a 15-year career. Specifically tailored for everything from cookbooks to Romantic novels, Billionaire stories, Mystery, Young Adults, and other Business Books for well-known authors. Novel translator with 12 years of experience in fantasy novels. Experts in characterization + words.

Publish and monitor at Schimpelsberger Book Translation Service

When you have your translation proof, have it ready for publication. There are some helpful tips for creating/marketing your book description, promoting yourself, or any aspects of your book that cannot be described here or elsewhere. It is possible to have regional differences on the cover of books as a promotional tool based on a national product could have the same effect internationally. Immediately after your translated book’s launch, you should watch the progress closely. Does it work? How can I save money on translations or proofing on my website? Does it make sense that fans are gaining fans from abroad?

Translated fiction into non-English language for the past 10 years.

Translated nearly 500,000 academic books within 25 years. This book is devoted to medical books, history source language, and culture.

Our worldwide credibility reflects our 99.45% customer satisfaction rate.


Cost of each sentence. Book translation costs range mainly between $0.00 – $0.18 / word. Typically, translations of 20,000-word texts cost anywhere from $1200 to $1800.

When working directly with the used book translator, many translators can keep things simple and charge flat fees based on book numbers. Many book translator sites will quote between $0.05-1.12 per page for a prepared, print-ready translation from Schimpelsberger Translation and Office Service.

Usually, a page is 250. Prices on the pages typically range from $20 – $130.

Hiring a qualified translator who knows your target market culture and cultural nuances can help ensure your book is translated correctly. Professional translators can modify tone, message, and structure without losing its essence.

Typically, translators will keep this simple – charging merely an hourly rate – calculated based on book length and the length of the work. Commonly speaking, most translations found on Schimpelsberger Translation Service charge between $0.08-0.21 per word.

Cost for words. Translate costs for the book typically range between $108 and $218. The translation cost for a 10000-word document ranges from $1,800 to $800.

From September 30, 2018 – September 30, the average hourly salary of book translators in the United States was $28.74.73.

There are typically two options for professional translation services: freelance and full translation services and agency services. Please find the most appropriate option according to its reputation, budget, evaluation, and communication style.

What are translation tips? What is the end goal? What makes translating books so interesting? Find your audience. Use machine translations of commonly used sentences and phrases. … Use an expert translator. … Read more carefully before completing accurate translations. … Publishing book production, marketing, and monitoring.

Generally speaking, the cost varies based on translation quality, linguistic accuracy, turnaround time, and other factors:

What should a translator learn? Make sure your book is translated into one single language. Find a targeted customer. Consider using machines to translate common words. … Find an experienced translator—editing and proofreading. … Published marketing and monitoring.

Translation rights are granted to the individual who holds the copyright on the original literary works. In most instances of literary translations, there’s no author.

The cost range generally varies between 0.1 cents per word and 0.15 cents each, and many translation firms charge clients a fixed price.

Schimpelsberger Translation Service can translate books into 120+ different languages for you. Protranslate.net is the most affordable book translation service website on Book & schimpelsberger-translation.com.

No translation of books will be accepted without the author’s permission. When a writer needs a translation of a copy of the book, the writer must give it to the author or a publisher who holds the copyright of the translated book.

With Schimpelsberger’s translation company, you can translate an entire book.

Translate PDF online free using Google Translate. Google Translate is a viral website that lets you quickly and easily translate text files into other languages. In its first year, it was used globally by over 500,000 people.

Important: Use Google Translate. Click here for documentation. Select multiple languages below for translation. … Click on the browser icon. Click the file to download. Please read the translation.

Scan and translate software extracts text in printed forms from documents, books, and magazines.

You can’t translate an article without the author’s authorization since they own copies of the original book. In translations of books, the written author will usually need written authorization.

Scan & Translate is an app for extracting text from printed documents.