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Schimpelsberger Translation Agency provides English-to-German and German-to-English translation services in Austria and worldwide. We can translate legal papers such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, resumes, CVs, employment letters, invitation letters, embassy paperwork, company accordance and so on from German to the target language or your native language to German.

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Schimpelsberger Translation Agency, Austria

We are well-known for delivering translations for websites, E-commerce, software, code, and applications, proofreading localized German documents, e-books and storybooks, animation, and subtitle localization. Some of our top-rated services include:

  • Notarized Translations or Certification for Notarization of Student Documents
  • Marriage Certificate Translation and Notarization for the Court and Embassy
  • Translation of medical bills and doctor’s documents into Arabic or other tongues
  • English, German, French, Italian, and Romanian are the official languages of Switzerland.
  • Translate PDF Document for €10 per page (From English Only)

  • Translate a Scanned Document for €20 per page (From English Only)

  • Translate PowerPoint document (contact us for a customized offer)

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Schimpelsberger Certified Translation Service, Austria, and Germany

Schimpelsberger Translation and Office Service is Austria’s Authorised and Certified translation company. The corporation is registered in Braunau Am Inn, 5280 Upper Austria. We are a group of native translators who are experts in their respective tongues. We provide human translation services that are 100% accurate and of high quality.

Our translated documents are ideal for submission to courts, lawyers, police, embassies, universities, workplaces, and other government or nongovernmental institutions. Have a look at the menu for some of our most popular translation services –

  • Translation from Serbian (cрски / srpski) to German

  • Translation from Croatia to German

  • Translation from Bosnia and Herzegovina to German

  • Translation from Slovene to German

  • Translation from Montenegrin to German

  • Translation from South Slavic to German

  • Translation from Romania to German

Other worldwide languages include Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali (Bangla), Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and others.

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Schimpelsberger Certified Translations Agency, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Schimpelsberger Translation and Office accept scanned documents, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and images for translation. When the record is clear to read, you can e-mail a copy to us. Once the translated document is ready for delivery, we certify it with a seal and signature. We can mail or post the translated documents.

The original layout will be retained in all documents, and the original copy will be connected to the translated version. Each language’s native translator is also certified and licenced. For decades, we have provided our services across Europe and Asia. You may rely on our service, and you can confirm our reputation by reading our Google evaluations.

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